In an absolutely perfect fit, Julie Andrews will team up with the Jim Henson Company for a new show teaching kids about the performing arts. This is great news for babies, and also for adults who frequently find themselves hungover and looking for some soothing TV.

That’s according to The Guardian, reporting on the announcement of Julie’s Greenroom, a new Netflix original meant for preschoolers. It sounds very cute:

Julie’s Greenroom features Andrews overseeing a cast of puppet children as they create a show and learn about disciplines ranging from dance to mime, circus acts to singing and acting – helped by star guests including Alec Baldwin, Carol Burnett, Josh Groban and Tituss Burgess.

Andrews will play Ms Julie, the director of the Wellspring Centre for the Performing Arts and give workshops to the puppet children in the school’s theatre and advice backstage in the “greenroom”, helped by her assistant Gus, played by Giullian Gioiello.


Now I’m just angry I never got the chance to learn about the performing arts from Tituss Burgess as a child.

Variety puts the move in a wider industry context, pointing out that kids’ content is big business right now:

Children’s programming is a competitive arena among premium nets Netflix, Amazon and HBO. HBO made headlines last year by cutting a groundbreaking deal to gain exclusive rights to new episodes of the venerable “Sesame Street” franchise, while still allowing the show to maintain its presence on PBS.


It makes sense. Life is hectic. Sometimes you just gotta enlist the assistance of the TV.