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Julianne Moore Eyes Delicious Part in Hunger Games Flick

Illustration for article titled Julianne Moore Eyes Delicious Part in emHunger Games/em Flick

Julianne Moore is reportedly in talks to join the two final films in the Hunger Games series, which are based on the book Mockingjay. Her role: President Alma Coin.


Those who familiar with the book know that although President Coin rescues Katniss at one point, she is fairly ruthless and manipulative. Moore — who has four Oscar nominations and rocked the part of Maude "Vagina" Lebowski — can definitely handle that. But Coin is also described as having gray hair "that falls in an unbroken sheet to her shoulders." Hard to picture Moore without the signature flame-colored mane. (Hums "This Girl is On Fire.")


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Gonzo the Something

I read her as Tilda