Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bangs a Clown in GQ

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a 53-year-old woman who is so hot and awesome that it almost seems unfair, stars in her very own photo spread in next month's issue of GQ wherein she fucks a clown.

Sans context, the image of a naked Louis-Dreyfus in carnal embrace with Pennywise's less murdery cousin is a little strange, like the opening scene in an episode of an imaginary show called Law & Order ROI (Running Out of Ideas) involving a clown that gets murdered by an actress. But when viewed as just one chapter in a tender story about a woman and the clown she loves despite society's disapproval, it makes its own nutty flavor of sense.


Kudos to Vice President Selina Meyer for showing the world that women with clown fetishes really can have it all.

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