Judy Blume: Beloved Author and Marriage Saver

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Here’s a positive update on the story of the man who threw out his wife’s cherished copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. The author heard news of the husband’s mishap after he put up “Lost Book” fliers around Brooklyn, via EW. Blume sent out a tweet saying that she would send over a signed copy and asked for help locating the couple. Lovin’ you, Judy!


Leonard Lasek, the “terrible husband,” tweeted back his appreciation and says he is still looking for his wife’s book, which was a Christmas present from her mother in 1991. Question for Lasek, had he just read Marie Kondo? This was clearly an example of the dark side of the de-cluttering movement.


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Emma Golddigger

Judy Blume: replacing people’s moms since 1970.

Raise your hand if Judy taught you about periods before your mom ever got around to it.