Judge Temporarily Blocks Arizona Planned Parenthood State Funding Cut

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Hurray, somebody has finally displayed a modicum of common sense about Planned Parenthood in Arizona! And no, it's not Governor Jan Brewer after she spent one harrowing night with the ghosts of her Christmas past, present and future and realized through this intense evening of self-discovery that she was just a big ol' Vag Grinch.

Nope, it's U.S. District Court Judge Neil Wake, who blocked Brewer's ban on funding Planned Parenthood with state money due to its position as an abortion provider in court yesterday. Brewer signed the law in May, but it's been on hold due to debate ever since. Granted, it's only a temporary injunction on behalf of Planned Parenthood; the merits of the case will be discussed with more finality next month.

While there's no comment from Arizona Planned Parenthood, there is always the helpful reminder that abortions make up only 3% of its services. And also that the rate of abortions in Arizona has, in fact, increased 25% in the last year! So if Governor Brewer's plan was to make abortions "play hard to get" so that everyone "just HAD to have them," it's working. Conratulations, lady.


'Arizona Planned Parenthood Victory: Federal Judge Bars State From Restricting Funding To Health Clinics' [HuffPo]

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On behalf of my friends in the Grand Canyon State, I am glad to see this news.

But, from the HuffPo article—WTF?

"Arizona does not provide tax dollars for abortion, but backers said the law was needed to make sure that no indirect money was funneled to organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide abortion and other health services."

"Indirect money"? Talk about a slippery slope...what's going to be next—will the anti choice crowd vote to end street sweeping, police and fire protection, and sewage treatment on a block with an abortion clinic? After all, that all involves the government spending indirect money that supports the ability of the clinic to perform its services. And if this sounds like hyperbole, a few years ago I would have said the same thing about cutting all funding for PP...

So sick of the anti choice crowd...