Judge Rules That Sofia Vergara's Ex Can Sue For Custody of Embryos

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A judge granted Nick Loeb - Sofia Vergara’s terrible ex - permission to seek custody of the two embryos that were created during the couple’s relationship. In addition to seeking custody of genetic material, Loeb is now claiming that Vergara breached an oral agreement to let the embryos be brought to term by a surrogate. “He does believe they are his daughters,” Loeb’s lawyer said. This is some seriously delusional shit. [Entertainment Weekly]


Illustration for article titled Judge Rules That Sofia Vergaras Ex Can Sue For Custody of Embryos

It looks like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are back together. E! says the couple was spotted eating at restaurants and shopping at a grocery store. These are definitely things that couples do! And Stone and Garfield haven’t done them together since January. Plus, Andrew pushed the shopping cart, which is definitive proof of true love. [E!]

Liv Tyler posted this video of her and Stephen Tyler have a backyard jam session. Since Liv Tyler is perfect, this video is perfect. And Stephen Tyler doesn’t disappoint either (just look at his hat). [Us Weekly]

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  • Scandal at in the house of Kardashian! Kendall Jenner is hanging out with Rita Ora who is Rob’s ex-girlfriend. [Radar]
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  • Mama June wants TLC to bring back Honey Boo Boo because what she did wasn’t that bad and the Duggars are way worse. What hell hath TLC wrought on the world? [TMZ]

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Shit. So basically it doesn’t matter that he signed a contract that said they both had to agree to either to bring them to term, keep them frozen or destroy them, and nobody could do whatever they wanted.

This sets a very scary precedent, and it sucks that you can dangle reproductive rights on a woman’s face in order to control and her manipulate her. This is bad news.