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Tyga currently owes around $480,000 in back rent, and he failed to show at his court appointment to discuss the matter on Tuesday. Both judge and plaintiff are not happy.

According to TMZ, the judge has issued a bench warrant, though it’s unclear if any authorities are actively looking for him. Tyga’s not exactly keeping a low profile, spending-wise; two days ago, he gifted Kylie Jenner with a $200,000 car, for example:


The attorneys for Tyga’s former landlord say that he considers the money for Kylie’s new ride a “fraudulent transfer of assets,” when it could have gone towards paying down his tab. Apparently, Tyga also recently rented a place that cost him $46,000 a month. He could probably just move into a studio for a year, save up, pay off his debts and then buy a freaking house.