Judge in Tyler Clementi Case Claims Suicide Not Relevant

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The suicide and depression of Tyler Clementi is not relevant in the trial of his former roommate Dharun Ravi, a New Jersey judge has ruled.

Ravi is to go on trial for secretly filming Clementi having a romantic encounter with another man with a webcam in their Rutgers University dorm room. Ravi and the other defendant in the case, Molly Wei, watched the captured video without Clementi's knowledge or consent. Clementi later committed suicide.

The judge has also ruled that the other man in the video, known until now as only M. B., will have his identity revealed during the proceedings.


Ravi will go to trial on February 21.

Tyler Clementi Case: Dharun Ravi ruling [People]

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Call me overly emotional, but this pisses me the hell off.

How the fuck is it 'irrelevant' that a young man that was struggling with his sexuality took his own life after learning about his privacy being violated by those two little assholes for shits and giggles?