Judge Grants Camille Cosby's Request to Delay Her Deposition

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Just days after refusing her request to avoid being deposed at all, Judge David Hennessy has granted Camille Cosby’s request for her deposition to be delayed. The deposition, reports ThinkProgress, was originally scheduled for Wednesday morning.

They write:

Camille Cosby’s lawyers wrote a 12-page motion asking for the delay. “Without a stay of her deposition,” it read, “both Mrs. Cosby’s privacy and freedom will be put at issue in a case to which she is not a party, and for which she is not alleged to have any personal, first-hand knowledge.”


Attorney Joe Cammarata told the site he’s “confident” Cosby will be deposed “in the near future.”

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They’re just going to keep filing delays until they can credibly claim that Cosby is to ill to be tried.

Vast amounts of money will continue to get him out of facing the consequences of his actions.

American “justice.”