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Brad Pitt’s hopes of keeping his custody battle with Angelina Jolie sealed from public eyes were foiled on Wednesday when the judge presiding over his case denied his formal request to do so.


On Tuesday, sources told TMZ, Pitt filed documents in family court asking for an emergency hearing to ask that all documents and proceedings related to the custody of the recently separated pair’s six children be sealed.

Jolie reportedly went ahead and filed documents despite Pitt’s protestations because of his refusal to comply with certain custody stipulations:

“We’re told Angelina felt it necessary to file the docs in order to have the court enforce the terms — specifically the part about letting a therapist make the call on when Brad can start having unmonitored visits.”

In docs, Angelina’s lawyer says Brad’s effort to seal the whole case isn’t so much about protecting the children — as his side has claimed — but more about keeping his own actions hidden ... because it was “[Brad’s] conduct at the center of the DCFS and FBI investigations.”

Jolie sources say she wants the case to be private just as much as Pitt does, so long as he keeps his word with regards to the custody agreement the two authorized last month.



At least one good thing happened in 2016, even if it really happened in the 70s, and that was Carrie Fisher finally telling us about her affair with Harrison Ford. Why not milk this shred of amazing franchise gossip for all it’s worth?

That’s probably along the lines of what Entertainment Tonight was thinking when they confronted Mark Hamill and asked him to fill in the plot holes in Fisher’s account, but, alas, Hamill’s response was super boring, yet predictable—he had no idea his costars were fucking.


Hamill told ET he was, “so self-involved at that point, they could’ve been doing it in front of me and I wouldn’t have noticed.”

Translation: Hamill was at peak hotness and spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. Whatever, I’ll take it.


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