Joy Behar and Meghan McCain Get a Lesson in Whitewashed Education From Sunny Hostin

Sunny Hostin, the only good host of The View has, once again, dropped some knowledge on her misinformed colleagues. I hope they’re giving her hazard pay.

During a segment discussing the Museum of Natural History’s decision to remove a statue of Theodore Roosevelt that depicts the former president flanked by a black man and an Indigenous man, Joy Behar asked that George Washington please be excluded from the statue take-down, falsely claiming that the founding father had freed the people he enslaved.


Why Behar chose not to do a quick Google search before going on TV is beyond me, but of course, Hostin gracefully let her co-host know that Washington was actually a horrible enslaver until the day that he died, and that the revisionist history many of us–including apparently Behar–were taught in school can be whitewashed and misleading.

Naturally, Meghan McCain added that such distinctions make her nervous: would the trend of removing “problematic” (read: racist) figures mean activists will eventually call for the removal of Robin Williams’ portrayal of Roosevelt from the movie Night at the Museum. I doubt that, but I can think of another “problematic” person I’d like to see disappear from my TV screen...



Who sits around and worries that they may not be able to catch a re-run of “Night at the Museum”?