Heyo! In an interview today, Josh Radnor—How I Met Your Mother's melancholic wandering penis—revealed that the whole show was just one 9-year long-con to trick you into caring about some dead lady! Nailed it! MAN, YOU GUYS SURE WERE STUPID FOR FALLING FOR THAT PRANK.

"I thought the title of the show was always a bit of a fake-out. It was more of a hook to hang the thing on. Really it was more about, these are the crazy adventures and these are the lessons I had to learn before I met your mother," the actor, 39, tells Vulture in a new interview.

Radnor also says the surprise ending is in keeping with the "DNA of the show," and points out that past episodes "lead you one way and then they pull you back." Moreover, he adds, the finale was never going to please everyone.

"There have always been people that thought that Barney and Robin were perfect together, there have always been people that thought it didn't make sense," he explains. And the same goes for Robin and Ted. "I think if you're going to do something new and bold and daring, you're going to upset some people and you're going to thrill others," he tells Vulture. "I think it's better to do that than try to have some homogenized, safe ending that was never really what the show was."

I actually don't care about this at all. I just hate pranks and anything prank-adjacent. Especially today. So CURSE YOU, RADNOR. [Us]


Miley Cyrus smoked LITERALLY* ONE TON OF WEED with Wiz Khalifa.

"I got some songs with Miley on there," Wiz said during an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show Monday night.

"She's just a ball of energy. She smokes a ton.

"Every five minutes she kept being like, 'Hey Wiz, you don't have a joint rolled? What's up?' She was just blowin' like a train."


*Not literally. (Probably.) [ShowbizSpy]

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  • TINK! TINK! (This song was playing at the coffee shop [okay, BAR] during the writing of this Dirt Bag.)

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