What event, pray, could bring together Barbra, Megan Fox, and Helen Mirren? Why, the Jonah Hex premiere at ArcLight Cinema. Today, it "rides into theaters in a storm of CGI dust and supernatural-inspired storytelling."

Josh Brolin and Diane Lane were macking in the vast majority of these pictures as they channel Johnny Cash.

Why choose between a plunging neck and a climbing skirt? Megan Fox doesn't!


Kay Panabaker was in Fame and has a terrier named Peanut. That's really all I have to say, although feel free to discuss her tunic and shoes.

I like that Talulah Riley is just owning the Phoebe Buffet thing.


Helen Mirren gives her getup an oddly frumpy 90's spin with this cropped cardigan.

Julia Jones goes for structure: this'd probably stand up on its own.


You'll be relieved to know that, along with Barbra and Helen, Kat Kramer dignified the scene with her ubiquity.

The Streisand-Brolins look like any other parents who want to be supportive, but clearly have doubts about what they're about to see.


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