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On Monday, Jon Stewart joined America in wondering what the fuck was going on with 37-year-old Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who on Tuesday morning said that she “identified as black.” I identify as wealthy, now where are my coins?!


Stewart parsed Dolezal’s… existence in an aptly titled segment called “Whaaaaaaaat!?” and cherry-picked a news bite that her ethnic lineage is Czech, Swedish, and German. “That’s really, really fucking white,” he said.


Stewart then took on the idiotic conversation that pegs Rachel Dolezal as the emblem of some “transracial” movement that’s mostly made up by commentators and Tumblr. “If being black is such a sweet deal, why are millions of white people ignoring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?” he asked.

The idea that someone can attempt to identify as transracial must really bug the fuck out of all of the white friends of people of color who never realized their true potential, or anyone who’s ever read Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye.

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