Jon Stewart Mocks Don Lemon and His Stupid BlizzardMobile

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The Blizzard of 2015 killed everyone. Except for Don Lemon! Because he was safely riding around New York City in a dumbass BlizzardMobile during the Historic Superstorm. While we were all wrapped in our Snuggies eating non-perishables, Jon Stewart recapped all the hype and hysteria surrounding the blizzard on Tuesday night's edition of The Daily Show.

The blizzard was supposed to drop up to 36 inches of snow on many parts of the East Coast. But as we all know, New York City was spared. That didn't stop local news anchors from taking to the snowy streets. The below Daily Show segment features footage of silly live mid-blizzard reportage, including Chris Hayes' critical vehicular broadcasts from the streets of NYC.

The bravest of them all was Don Lemon, who covered the crisis while cruising in a BlizzardMobile, which I'm pretty sure is not an emergency vehicle. "Settle down, Batman. It's a Ford Explorer," said Stewart. "And by the way, with the way you've been reporting lately, you're lucky you're not in an actual Blizzard Mobile."


Please watch it.

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All of Nantucket lost power, Plymouth's power plant lost power, Worcester got over 30" of snow, flooding in coastal MA, and yet the news could not shut up about NYC and the lack of snow.