Jersey natives Jon Stewart and Brian Williams compared themselves to Snooki and The Situation last night, who, incidentally, hooked up in the season finale. No such luck with Stewart and Williams, though they seemed closer to it than ever.

Frequent on-air sparring and the crackle of comedic competition aside, it's clear that Stewart and Williams genuinely like each other. The NBC Nightly News anchor isn't shy about his professional admiration — nor his particular fondness for Yiddish, also in evidence here. (Nachas, for the uninitiated, is a feeling of pleasure derived from pride, often in one's children.)

Last night, though, took it to the next level. And those of us who, um, cherish their chemistry couldn't be happier. Williams takes the tone of an aggrieved lover, threatens to lift up his shirt but ultimately disappoints, and tells Stewart, several times, to swallow.


A bonus round in the credits imagines their high school personas side by side. Prom night? I hope it was very special for both of you.

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