Jon Snow Had a CIA-Style Code Name on the Game of Thrones Season 6 Set

The fate of Jon Snow this season was kept so quiet on set while filming that no one was allowed to even utter his name. According to Entertainment Weekly, who’s also apparently sat on this scoop for awhile and very likely had to sign some Beyoncé-level nondisclosure agreements, Game of Thrones cast and crew referred to Jon Snow as “LC,” short for Lord Commander.

HOWEVER! Because he spent so much time lying around in that loincloth, Carice “Melisandre” van Houten got cheeky with it:

The nickname inspired some ribbing among the cast. While shooting his resurrection scene, Harington had to lay naked on a table while Carice van Houten (Melisandre) washed him repeatedly. So the actress decided to give Harington a new “LC”-based nomenclature (it’s not something we can print, but feel free to guess).


EW can’t print what I’m assuming to be “Long Cock”? Really? Anyway, in the video below, Kit Harington teases the rest of the season, saying that this go-round is “massive” for Jon Snow—his biggest season yet. EEEEEEEE!

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