Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes, my mortal enemies, were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday about the prank heard ‘round the world (or, at least ‘round the country): that they were dating and engaged. Lowndes says her social media posts were so convincing, that even “close friends” believed her.

From the interview:

“I couldn’t get over the amount of people and close friends who thought I was for real,” Lowndes told the outlet. “My business manager asked if we should insure the ring!”

Turns out the ring wasn’t even hers! “It was a picture from Google,” she admitted.

Meanwhile, Jon Lovitz took the opportunity to explain why his fake relationship with someone 31 years younger shouldn’t have shocked anyone:

“Younger women like me!” the Saturday Night Live alum added, laughing. “I was taught to speak funny and have a big stick, and it works.”

I doubt he’s talking about foreign policy. So. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go as the IT department for a new computer because this one’s about to be thrown into the street and run over by several dozen cars.


[Us Weekly]

Selena Gomez is fucking Charlie Puth. This is not interesting, but one Gomez fan’s tweets to Us Weekly about the news were sent in just the right order for the news to be a little amusing.


[Us Weekly]

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Image via Jessica Lowndes/Instagram