Jon Hamm Takes Road Trip With Muppet Hitchhiker

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Guys, Jon Hamm really needs to get back to work on Mad Men. Apparently when left to his own devices, he winds up making quirky yet pointless music videos for bands like Herman Dune. Sure, it's always nice to see his handsome mug, but since this was posted on Funny or Die we were expecting something more amusing, or at least disturbing like Kristen Bell's pet blob video.


Herman Dune "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" from Jon Hamm

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This video is adorable. The infinite possibilities of life opening up before a muppet! Muppets hugging babies (babies who are giggling! with candy!)! A roadtrip with a smiling Jon Hamm!! You people don't have hearts. You have big cold rock-shaped-rocks in your heart holes. Heart rocks. Heart rocks. And it's a damn shame.