Jon Hamm Narrates Tough Justice Starring Lady Mary As A Badass Cop

Illustration for article titled Jon Hamm Narrates emTough Justice/em Starring Lady Mary As A Badass Cop

Looking for a Downton Abbey fix today but your boyfriend has taken over the TV for a night of playing Battlefield online with a bunch of strangers*? Don't worry, there's still a way to at least get your Lady Mary fix!


Via our super best friends at Funny or Die, my possible future ex-husband Jon Hamm narrates Tough Justice, which features Michael Chiklis alongside Michelle Dockery (flawlessly in character as Lady Mary). It answers the question everyone's being longing to ask: Just how would Lady Mary do as homicide detective on the tough, crime-addled streets of today?

Chiklis: Looks like the maid died around midnight.

Dockery: Well, I suppose they'll have to get another maid. Case closed.

"Only on TNT," because of course.


*I am not bitter at all.

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I would also like to add that the only positive part of leaving my LDR boyfriend's house today after a long visit was knowing that Downton Abbey was coming back tonight and I wouldn't have to sacrifice that to him play Assassin's Creed on his dumb, stupid new Xbox, which is dumb and stupid and Downton Abbey is classy and fancy and NOBOYSALLOWED.