While parsing the FDA’s official statement, I couldn’t help but remember JoJo Siwa’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon, where she claimed: “Just imagine what Spongebob’s face is on, that’s what my face is on.” The profits from this merch net her almost $8 million year, and she routinely posts “hauls” where she buys every product in Walmart and Target.

Her brand’s focus on the capitalistic strategies of Disney-like merchandising practices are unsurprising, and probably not her original idea (considering she’s 17.) But isn’t it worrisome that her products are now included in a wave of FDA recalls sweeping a post-bankruptcy Claire’s? In fact, just 3 months ago, USA Today reported that filing Chapter 11 is a way to “avoid liability” when issues like this arise after asbestos was first discovered in Claire’s products. You might also ask: Did JoJo Siwa’s team not consider the implications of working under a distributor like Claire’s? The obvious answer is the long and lucrative deal she’s had with the company since 2016, when she discussed the upcoming partnership on the Kids Choice Awards “Orange Carpet.” It could even be said that Claire’s helped Siwa become a household name, as her signature bow was sold exclusively in their stores throughout much of her early career.


JoJo Siwa and her team have yet to comment. (I’m guessing this playlist on the official Claire’s Youtube channel will certainly not age well!)

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Screenshot: Claire’s (Youtube)