JoJo Siwa Explains Why She Dresses Like a 5-Year-Old

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Teen mogul and future overlord JoJo Siwa wants everyone to know that she actually loves dressing like a Lisa Frank/Jem/competitive cheerleader hybrid, thank you very fucking much. In fact, she’s sad that so many of her fellow teens want to look older than they are.

Sixteen-year-old Siwa sat down with Today’s Natalie Morales to discuss her burgeoning media empire, the importance of self-esteem, and assholes on social media. Siwa recently blocked public comments from her Instagram after tiring of hateful comments, like the ones goading her to drink bleach and staple her eyes shut. The move ultimately cuts off direct social media engagement from her fans, but Siwa insists that she’s actually protecting them.


“I have a fan base that ranges from four to thirteen,” Siwa said. “Those kids are young. Those kids are so young, and people on Instagram comments use such bad language. I don’t want the five-year-olds on their mom’s phone looking at those.”

“And that’s a thing that you’ve owned, you’ve always played younger,” said Morales. Siwa nodded. “Is that for a reason? Is that because your fans are young?”

“I see people who are my age and who are acting a lot older and who are trying to be someone or something that they’re not,” said Siwa. “And it’s just so sad to me because I just don’t understand why when you’re 15 are you trying to be 22?”


But it appears that any plans for Siwa to dress “age-appropriately” down the line are murky. When asked if she sees herself wearing her signature bow 10 years down the line, Siwa said, “The bow will always be a part of my life. I’ll be that bow girl until I’m 70!”

As long as Siwa isn’t forced into a permanent state of arrested development, she should be free to dress like Rainbow Brite for as long as she wants. But someone, please, tell her to ease up on those ponytails. Her hairline is a stake and traction alopecia is real.

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