Johnny Depp's Agency Move Last Year May Have Been to Save Money

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Last October, Johnny Depp made plenty of industry headlines when news broke that he was leaving UTA, his agency of nearly 30 years, for CAA. Then story sort of came and went, as people cared more about his relationship with the woman who accused him of domestic violence than they did about who his agent was. Understandable!

But Page Six reports this week that the move may have had larger implications than originally thought. Depp may have left CAA because “he couldn’t pay [longtime Agent Tracey Jacobs] any more commissions on his movie deals.” In other words, dude’s broke.

They continue:

A Hollywood source said, “Depp told Jacobs and UTA he no longer wanted to pay their commissions. But they pushed back.” So the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star jumped ship to CAA, which gave him a sweeter deal.


CAA apparently has lower commission rates, which means more of the money he’ll be making for Pirates of the Caribbean: When Everyone’s Undead, We Can Do This Forever can go to his wine budget.

[Page Six]

Speaking of things that have apparently been happening for a while now but are just now being brought to light: Pamela Anderson is dating Julian Assange?

You’ve probably seen the photos of the former Tool Time star walking into the London embassy where he lives with treats, but sources are now telling Page Six that it’s not just friendship, a shared love of snacks, or respect for his work. It’s because they Wikilike each other.

The reason people are beginning to suspect love might be in the air is a tale as old as time:

“She seems to be wearing sexier outfits every time she visits,” one political activist observed.


[Page Six]

Chrissy didn’t care about her nip slip.


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 making for Pirates of the Caribbean: When Everyone’s Undead, We Can Do This Forever

the former Tool Time star

God, I needed these this morning. Thank you Bobby.

Side note- anyone else disappointed by the superbowl because it just feels like one more victory for the wrong side? I know nothing about either team, except Tom Brady is an unbelievable cheating dick who supports Trump, and it just breaks my heart to see another notch in the wrong column.