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Johnny Depp Prepared for His Jack Sparrow Role by Overheating His Brain in a Sauna

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As I’ve observed with nonchalant horror the steady release of movies starring Johnny Depp based on a Disney World ride, I figured good drugs were involved in the realization of this project—and I don’t think I’m wrong—but also, I guess, saunas?


At an event last month that E! News picked up on Wednesday, Depp explained he spent a lot of time in saunas in order to become Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. For the event he draped himself in an acid test for whether one has sweated out too much of their brain functions over the years: a beret that matches his shirt-vest combo in color but not pattern. Here are the relevant quotes.

“Captain Jack was actually born in a sauna—my sauna. I figured this is a guy who has been on the high seas for probably all of his life, the majority of his life at least, and therefore probably dealt with a lot of inescapable heat to the brain.”

“I sat in there for as long as I could until it started to affect me mentally. Which is to say, it was very, very hot, as was my brain.”

“And then what happened is while I was in there, in that kind of heat you cannot stand still, but the worst of it is if you move, it kills you. So that in itself sort of gave me… yeah, like his brain has been part-boiled to some degree.”


Depp says this partial boiling of the brain (his/Jack Sparrow the movie character’s) also helped him act as if he were walking on a ship, a crucial part of the pirate lifestyle.

Fine story, needs more rum.

[E! News]

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wedding included pizza as party favors. He also posted this to his IG on Tuesday and I thought it was kinda sweet.

[Us Weekly]

A variation on the theme.


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