Johnny Depp 'Created a Misogynistic Persona' of Amber Heard As 'a Nagging Woman,' Lawyer Argues

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Johnny Depp’s three-week libel trial against News Group Newspapers, publisher of U.K. tabloid The Sun, is expected to end Tuesday in London’s High Court. Depp has sued News Group Newspapers for labeling him a “wife beater” in the press, which The Sun says was founded upon “overwhelming evidence” and 14 credible allegations of abuse by Amber Heard.


On Monday, in her closing arguments, Sasha Wass QC, barrister for News Group Newspaper, claimed that “a deep misogyny... lay at the root of Mr. Depp’s anger, and the anger he felt against Miss Heard, which translated into violence when he felt threatened by her,” the Guardian reports. She said that the way Depp has described himself—“a southern gentleman who had respect for women”—was “untrue.Wass used text messages sent by Depp as evidence for her claim, which included descriptions of women like “sluts,” “fat ugly whores,” “worthless hooker,” and “withering cunt.” Per the Guardian, Wass also argued that Depp “created a misogynistic persona of [Heard] as the stereotype of a nagging woman” and that he had “reverted to more old-fashioned accusations of gold digger, a shrew and an adulterer.” 

According to NBC New York, Wass also told the court “There is no doubt that Mr. Depp regularly and systematically abused his wife. The characterization that he is a ‘wife beater’ is entirely truthful.” She also argued that his witnesses were “tainted” because they all worked for Depp and therefore went “to court to lie for their boss.” She added that “Ms. Heard tolerated the violence and the abuse because she loved Mr. Depp and she believed she was capable of getting him better.”

On Tuesday, Depp’s lawyer David Sherborne will deliver his closing argument. However, Judge Andrew Nicol isn’t expected to announce his ruling for several weeks. 


Mortal Dictata

There was an interesting article in the Guardian about this fiasco at the weekend that included the following:

“Stephens examined many of the offending tweets and found some were generated by new accounts, he claims, while others had been set up to comment on this single issue in February or March. A third set of accounts had been dormant for a long period and had previously only commented on one other, unrelated issue.

“It does make you wonder,” said Stephens, who reported his findings to Twitter. “I would say that of about 100 accounts I alerted them to, 50 or 60 are now no longer there.”” (

And having watched the reaction around here to this trial I definitely concur with this, the spam by like 5-6 accounts who only seem to post on Depp stories armchair diagnosing Heard as an extreme narcissist who doesn’t act like a victim should act, how all her witnesses are “liars” for having versions of events that don’t completely match yet give a free pass to Depp’s witnesses who’ve been repeatedly demonstrated to be factual liars with material evidence, and how Depp “couldn’t hurt a fly” despite all those years of legal issues to do with his temper.

Having taken a look at Depp’s lawyer on Twitter he seems to be running this whole thing in a Trumpian strategy aimed at making this about evil women out to get innocent men where to these random accounts Heard isn’t the perfect wife so therefore has to live up to some absurd standard of likability before they even consider the idea Depp was an abuser, even though Depp for nearly five years since the divorce claimed everything she said was lies and fabricated only to now suddenly on the stand actually admit to one incident having happened but was now was an “accident” and blamed her for it, texts from the plane that detail him having kicked her having been apparently faked to satisfy her, and his defence in part relying on just about his entire staff having a clear memory of her having not worn makeup on a specific day 5 years ago.

But no, because Heard stands by that she only punched him in self-defence and was verbally horrible to him or at some point after the marriage broke down (after years of alleged abuse by this point) there’s a recording of her saying she “hit” him she deserved it, actually deserves worse than whatever happens to Depp after this because she must have made him like this even though he has 30 years of documented violent outbursts against him.

This was Depp’s day in court, the one he wanted, and yet his entire defence was “here’s person A through G I pay and financially support saying I’m a lovely man and Heard’s evil” with very little material evidence outside testimony while the defence of Heard’s allegations has photos, recordings, and Depp’s own voice to back up a number of the allegations.