John Waters Is Hosting His Own Boozy Adult Summer Camp

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Giving new meaning to the “camp” in “summer camp,” 300 lucky adults will be spending a late September weekend in Kent, Connecticut where they’ll compete in costume contests, perform Hairspray karaoke, and and watch John Waters classics alongside the Pope of Trash himself.

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Put on by Club Getaway the weekend of September 22, Camp John Waters—which, and it breaks my heart to write this, is already sold out—also includes reliable summer camp activities like water sports (not the pee kind, but if there was ever the place to make that happen, this is probably it) and s’mores roasting, only—probably unlike your childhood summer camp—here you get to watch movies where Divine eats poop and Patty Hearst keeps making cameos, all while getting drunk (for an extra fee).


Adult summer camp as a concept is truly terrible (take all the fun things about camping and replace them with mandated activities and people telling you what to do!), but if there was ever a camp that would change my mind, Camp John Waters is it... though it’s still a far cry from Turkey Point.

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Will cross that bridge when I come to it

My 3rd judgiest cousin spent all of last week blasting the Unicorn Frapp on social media basically calling all of us who tried one irredeemable sugar monsters who deserve to die young of diabetes. Then this week she announces she’s spending the summer hopping from one adult summer camp to another (Though this one isn’t on the list probably because The Gays) and I desperately want to drag her right back because what the fuck even is adult summer camp you womanchild, but am working so hard on not being horrible and petty.

So instead I come to Jez and bitch. I am def in the top 5 judjiest cousins in my family.