John Oliver Slams Stupid, Sexist Rules for Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders

John Oliver wasted no time on his new HBO show last night taking on all of the eye-roll inducing bullshit comedians are expected to skewer.

One of the first targets of the show was the horrendously stupid Buffalo Bill handbook for cheerleaders. Just wait until you get to the part where they point how the fucking mascot gets paid more than the cheerleaders (and gets benefits). So far, the show looks pretty damn promising.

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Dr. Opossum

Why shouldn't the mascot get paid more? Mascots dress up in uncomfortable costumes (yes, more so than what the cheerleaders wear), have to learn and perform mimed comedic bits, and, at least from what I have seen in games, they spend more time at work during games. I would bet a good mascot is harder to find than a good cheerleader.