John Oliver Has Some More Labor Day Rules He'd Like to Propose

It’s not that John Oliver would like to do away with the age-old faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day—after all, strictly-enforced fashion rules are for moms, and if Rihanna can wear this, the least the rest of us can do is wear our white sneakers through winter.


Rather, he argues that “we should be using more holidays as arbitrary points to stop doing things.”

Oliver has a number of irritants in mind that he’d like to ban, but the most puzzling one is probably winking, which he refers to as both “like licking a pine cone” and “gross.” What an interesting thing to take issue with, considering that witnessing a botched wink is one of life’s great simple pleasures.


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Re: That’s interesting.

Scene from a kiddo b-day party yesterday. Seven year old boy really wants to talk about his watch, and is trying to explain why it is so awesome to a four year old girl. After a while he says, “I’ve observed that you are not interested in hearing about my watch.” She nodded, and he wandered off.