John Mayer on Dating: 'People Not Being Into Me Brings a Real Level of Reality Into My Life'

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John Mayer, 41, had 24-year-old Cazzie David (daughter of Larry David and former girlfriend of Pete Davidson) on his Instagram Live show on Monday, and it was actually pretty entertaining.


After warning viewers about the evils of lip balm (“you can hold out this year!…you don’t want to walk around with oily pants!”), Mayer welcomed David to the set. She asked him sex questions, like whether he’d slept with 800 people and whether he’d slept with 500 (“Blink once if you have slept with over 500 people.”)

Mayer admitted he’d slept with “sub-500,” gamely adding, “What does it say about my expectations that if you find out I’ve slept with less than 500 people, it’s kind of impressive.” Thanks to Cazzie, we know that Mayer’s lifelong number of sexual partners is equal to the number of jellybean in a jar with fewer than 500 jellybeans in it.

Mayer immediately followed this up with a discussion of his notoriety and his restraint saying, “I think being a famous man is somewhat similar to being a beautiful woman. Yes there is access, there is very seldom any desire.” He also tells a story about the time he decided not to hit on Scarlett Johansson.

Mayer went on to explain how finding women who are interested in him isn’t as easy as it used to be, but that’s okay! “I find people not being into me brings a real level of reality into my life,” Mayer said. “Not so long ago, I gave a girl my number and she said, ‘I probably won’t use it.’” Devastating, and so so real.

What do you think? Would you use John Mayer’s number?


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If John Mayer would just make the music he’s capable of making (and he’s a hell of a guitarist - very bluesy) and not worry about writing songs that might get him laid...

He might get laid more.