John Mayer Jokes About Grammys and Taylor Swift

John Mayer ended a three-night stint guest hosting The Late Late Show by reminding the world that he dated Taylor Swift. Mayer joked, "You can see me at the Grammy Awards doing what I do best. Being avoided by Taylor Swift."

"To be fair," People helpfully points out, Swift "might be avoiding Mayer for a reason other than their 2010 split as he is back together with on-again, off-again girlfriend Katy Perry, whom Swift had a public feud with last year."

Add this to the growing evidence that the Swift-Perry feud in one for the ages, the Hatfield and McCoys of our generation, but with thinly-veiled statements, bad jokes, and Instagram photos instead of guns and bloodshed.


Stay tuned, they're all going to be at the Grammys tonight where they might exchange a wary look or two.

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