“Why even give this man the time of day knowing he has never had anything good to say about her?” one Swift fan demanded earlier this week, when Call Her Daddy announced Mayer would be on the show.

And yet, Mayer played it relatively safe on the subject, not mentioning Swift at all, and acknowledging his reputation as a 2000s fuckboy, though he called this characterization of him a “role I play on the big TV show I didn’t write,” conceding “maybe I had a hand in it or something.” He also told Cooper he doesn’t need a “worldwide consensus that [he’s] an OK guy,” and expressed gratitude that he no longer gets the attention he used to: “I don’t have to write a tweet today to fix a tweet from yesterday that didn’t land. I’m only doing what I should be doing.”


Since Mayer didn’t want to talk about his controversial dating history—including alleged mistreatment and disrespectful comments—I will! In 2008, he bragged about dumping Aniston, “I’m the asshole... I basically murdered an ideal,” he said at the time. In a 2010 interview with Rolling Stone, he talked about wanting to date a woman with “the Joshua Tree of vaginas.” That same year, he called Simpson “sexual napalm” and referred to her as “crack cocaine” in an interview with Playboy. In the same interview, he used the N-word and said he didn’t attract Black women because “my dick is sort of like a white supremacist, I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ [KKK leader] David Duke cock.” Even more than a decade later, it is wild to me that he said that to a reporter—though I guess it’s safe to say that TMI is still very much his thing.

In 2020, Simpson told her side of the story, calling Mayer “toxic and manipulative” and said he dumped her nine times, always via email.


All of that is to say: I’m glad this man is dating less.