John Legend and Common Give a Nod to Voting Rights at the Oscars

The running joke at Sunday night's Oscars may've been how Selma was snubbed, but John Legend and Common took home the Best Song award for "Glory," the film's theme song.


In their acceptance speeches, Common cemented what Erykah Badu, Serena Williams, and Taraji P. Henson already know: He is a wonderful human. Legend, for his part, used their spotlight to illuminate the voting rights trickery afoot in America. The speech adds to the trend of artists using their fame to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter and other social justice campaigns happening now. Keep it up, famous people. Keep it up.

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Ginger Is A Construct

That performance with the Pettus bridge set, followed by that speech.... flawless.

"We write the wrongs of history." As a historian who teaches about African American history, this song, and their speech, inspire me and remind me why history matters.

And I have never understood the allure of Chris Pine until I saw Chris Pine openly weeping after the performance of "Glory" and the ensuing incredible acceptance speech by Lonnie Lynn and John Stephens.