John Kasich Was a Linkin Park Fanboy Way Before Tonight's GOP Town Hall

While some of you who watched February 18's GOP Town Hall might have assumed John Kasich’s earnest admission that he’s a huge fan of Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park was an authentic little hiccup, you have obviously not been paying attention. To the newly-discovered delight of us all, Kasich’s musical flirtation with the latter has been long established.


Last year, the presidential hopeful reportedly attempted to bond with some random people just trying to get their drink on at a biker bar (which prompted the New Republic to ask “who is John Kasich even pandering to?”). As Politico’s Katie Glueck tweeted, when the politician was asked to “elaborate” on his love of LP, he only answered with a quick rejoinder: “Well I like Linkin Park and I’m not talking about Chicago.”

His fandom can feasibly be documented as far back as 2013, when, as a very grown man, he tweeted to his constituents about attending one of their concerts in 2013—a concert that, in his estimation, was an “awesome performance.”

Afterwards, this photo taken with front-man Chester Bennington, who spoke to Kasich’s daughters on the phone upon the former governer’s request, was taken backstage. The pic was also posted to his gubernatorial Twitter account, accompanied by the caption “Chester from @LinkinPark gave my girls a call before their show. I get to be the cool dad tonight.”


(Yup, this earworm: “I get to be the cool dad tonight.”)


While this bountiful history is intriguing, it looks like it still just isn’t enough to get Kasich up in the polls, where he is currently at 11 percent.

This probably didn’t help, either:


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