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John Hodgman Pays Tribute to Jon Stewart's Incomparable Wordsmithery

Illustration for article titled John Hodgman Pays Tribute to Jon Stewarts Incomparable Wordsmithery

Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show will be August 6, and in the leadup we’re probably going to be subjected to endless takes about how he Shaped America’s Discourse. The Daily Show itself wasted no time mocking that trend, with this touching tribute from John Hodgman, which they promise will be the first in a series.


Hodgman praises Stewart’s skills as an orator, “blessed with the ability to articulate our nations frustrations or glee with a level of insight and passion that would make history’s greatest wordsmiths hang their heads in shame.”


I can’t decide whether to compare it to Lincoln at Gettysburg or just go straight to the Sermon at the Mount.

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Lilly (Hungry hungry hipster!)

I LITERALLY can not deal with the fact that we lost Colbert and we’re losing Jon. Like I can’t. I just CAN’T. This is traumatizing for me. :(