John Edwards Will Be Indicted

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For over two years, a grand jury has been investigating whether John Edwards abused campaign funds to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter during the 2008 presidential campaign. Now, ABC News' local affiliate is reporting that Edwards will be indicted.

Under specific scrutiny is the over $1 million donated by Edwards campaign benefactors Fred Baron and Bunny Mellon, which the government is expected to charge were used to cover up the affair but registered as campaign donations.

Andrew Young, the former campaign aide who initially said Rielle Hunter's child was his, then said Edwards manipulated him into doing so, cooperated with investigators.


Within the next two weeks or so, we should know whether the former vice presidential candidate will make a plea deal or will submit to what is certain to be an excruciatingly public trial. His daughter with Hunter is now three years old. His estranged and suffering wife is dead; his political career is over. All that's left is for the law to decide what additional price he has to pay.

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Chip, in search of dip

I'm so embarrassed to admit that I supported him in '04 and early on in the '08 primaries. Fucker had me fooled.