John Bolton is Really Going All Out on His Book Tour

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John Bolton, aka War Mustache, has injected some much-needed chaos into Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, after the New York Times reported on Sunday that his upcoming book, The Room Where It Happened, includes spicy details about how Trump personally and directly told Bolton last summer that he wanted to withhold military aid to Ukraine unless it investigated Joe and Hunter Biden.


Per the Washington Post, Democrats in Congress are now calling for War Mustache to testify during Trump’s impeachment trial, and Republican Senator Mitt Romney said on Monday that it’s “increasingly likely” that other Republicans would also call for Bolton to spill all the gory details of what knows, which frankly he should’ve done, I don’t know, right after his conversation with Trump last August maybe! But hey, what’s saving the republic compared to a cool $2 million book deal? 

Republicans in the Senate are clearly shook, canceling an impeachment-related press conferenced earlier on Monday, with some of them reportedly feeling “blindsided” by the allegations in Bolton’s book and very upset that the National Security Council received the book manuscript on December 30 for review and apparently neglected to share any of the relevant details. Cue the world’s tiniest violin! What do you expect when you throw your lot in with the world’s biggest and most idiotic narcissist?

Meanwhile, the RNC has turned against Bolton, and Fox News hosts and commentators are predictably flipping out:

What a way to kick off the PR tour for your book!

  • Donald Trump’s incredibly cruel plan to deny green cards to immigrants who might use social programs like SNAP and Medicaid has been given the green light by the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the Trump administration in a 5-4 vote. [NBC News]
  • I am sad to report that Tom Steyer is the only Democratic presidential candidate with the correct opinion on whether there should be a ban on vaping. [New York Times]
  • Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren has a plan to end endless wars, but I guess small wars are fine! [The Atlantic]
  • Michael Bloomberg believes Puerto Rico should become the U.S.’s 51st state. [Orlando Sentinel]

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Bolton has put himself in an interesting position. First, he refused to testify for the house. Why? Now he says he will testify even without a subpoena. He developed a conscience? Seems unlikely. Drives book sales? Hmmm. His book will or will not be read regardless of what he is currently hinting at publicly. Hero to the dems for speaking up? Nope, should have spilled sooner. Hero to the GOP. That doesn’t track. He just messed up their impeachment defense. So exactly what is he hoping for. He is not going to be viewed favorably by anyone.