Joe Jonas Makes a Homemade Video That Is Not His Alleged Sex Tape

In an awful, cringe-inducing, stupid prank that was also an epic waste of time and resources, the Today show and Joe Jonas concocted an elaborate ruse that painfully unfolded on live TV this morning.


Here's the set up: A Pepperdine University senior named Shaina made one of those "hey, celebrity stranger, go with me to this important formal event" videos, target: Joe. Joe liked the clip and made his own response video, claiming to be busy the day of the formal, but inviting Shaina to attend his concert for free. The today show anchors told Shaina she now had tickets to his show, and weird… some random guy over here is looking for a date for that show. The random guy turned out to be Joe Jonas in disguise, everyone smiled, it was so dumb and my eyes rolled my eyes so hard they fell out of my head bounced on the floor and ended up next to a staple under the desk.

Funny, though: While Joe Jonas is out there being a good sport and do-gooder in public, on live TV, it's been a while since we heard anything about the alleged Joe Jonas sex tape. The folks at Blind Gossip assure us it is real and will get released; we've got to wonder if the überChristian Jonas Parents have sicced some lawyers on the site (or offered them a thick wad of cash to STFU.)



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Violet Baudelaire

I'm not really for the whole, normal person asking celebrity out video craze, but it seems particularly creepy to do if the person is married!