Joe Jonas And Karlie Kloss Are Not Together

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St. Louis-raised supermodel Karlie Kloss was asked by a tabloid reporter if she and Joe Jonas are indeed the couple we decided should be known as J.K. Klonas: "No, we're really not," she replied. The two recently attended a polo match in Los Angeles, and posed together for some photo booth pictures, which sparked rumors they were dating. "Joe really is a great guy though and such a good friend...We're great friends, and I do love him as a person." [Life & Style]


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Zara Phillips, equestrienne, wearer of excellent hats, and royal something-or-other, got married in a Stewart Parvin dress this weekend. The full skirt had concealed pockets, a feature we most whole-heartedly endorse. [WWD]

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Freja Beha Erichsen, who last covered British Vogue in August, 2010, was promoted to the September cover this year. We wonder what lengths Vogue will go to to avoid mentioning the Danish model's sexual orientation this time. (Erichsen has been dating fellow model Arizona Muse for about six months.) Interestingly, the issue also promises a profile of John Galliano. That would be Galliano's first profile since that whole "I love Hitler, oh wait I got fired" incident back in February. [Vogue UK]

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American Apparel is now selling a "conical Asian hat." It costs $15, which is kind of a lot of money to pay to look like that much of a stupid poseur. [HuffPo]

  • Model Emily Sandberg is not a fan of celebrities who get dubbed "fashion icons" for wearing things stylists and costume designers pick out for them — Sarah Jessica Parker in particular. "Not only is a celebrity last in a long chain of creative decisions; most of them don't even decide what goes on their bodies, Sarah Jessica Parker being one of them. The artistic directors and stylists that make these decisions for brands should be given the praise," writes Sandberg on her personal blog. "Sarah, please, please go back to squeaking at lacy Louboutins and man-childs who don't treat you right. I refuse to buy any more magazines with you on the cover promoting films. Is anyone else annoyed?" [Supermodelblogger]
  • Gap has hit upon an interesting marketing gimmick: Food trucks! For the next two months in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, "Pico de Gap" trucks will sell tacos for $1.69. (Gap's jeans line is called 1969.) The food wrappers double as coupons (which, forgive us, sounds kind of gross) and anyone who's bought a pair of Gap jeans that day gets free tacos. [LATimes]
  • Alexa Chung and that dude from the Arctic Monkeys broke up. [Vogue UK]
  • A new biography of Coco Chanel claims to have unearthed fresh information about her sexual history and her buddy-buddy good times with the Nazis during World War II. Apparently, Chanel had an affair with Salvador Dalí when he was married, also sometimes slept with women, and her WWII-era German lover, Hans Günther von Dincklage, was a Nazi spy. Chanel's history as a collaborator is pretty well-known, and Dincklage's spying has long been suspected. During the war, Chanel also petitioned the government, which had enacted laws to seize Jewish businesses, in an attempt to wrest control of Parfums Chanel from its Jewish owners, the Wertheimers. Following the liberation of Paris, Chanel lived in Switzerland for nine years to avoid prosecution in France. When the house of Chanel re-opened, it was with the backing of the Wertheimers, who remain Chanel's owners to this day. [WWD]
  • Singer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine is said to be planning to launch a clothing line at Topshop. [Independent]
  • Jessica Simpson: "Shoes are my best friends...I'd rather have a great pair of high heels than a hug." [HuffPo]
  • For his 79th birthday last week, Anna Wintour gave Oscar de la Renta a bound book containing every image of an Oscar de la Renta garment ever published in American Vogue. [Fashionista]
  • Betsey Johnson — who ends her runway shows with a cartwheel, not a bow or a wave, like those boring designers — once cartwheeled and it all went horribly wrong. She crashed into a split, and tore her hamstring. [WWD]
  • Martha Stewart, Rachel Roy, and Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to see if they could find some local artisans whom they could employ for their respective Macy's lines. Textiles and apparel production was at one time Haiti's leading industry. [NYDN]
  • Marc Jacobs has always shown included some denim pieces in his various collections, but from now on there will be a dedicated jeans line under the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand. [Fashionologie]
  • Clements Ribeiro is doing a plus-size line for the U.K. retailer Evans. [Telegraph]
  • Random fashion collaboration of the week day: Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman and...DKNY tights. [WWD]
  • And lest you think he wasn't busy enough styling Lady Gaga, being Uniqlo's fashion director, working for Vogue Hommes Japan, creative-directing the newly relaunched brand Mugler, and hating fat people, Nicola Formichetti is planning on launching his own namesake fashion brand next year. [Fashionologie]
  • 2.75 million people watched Project Runway's season debut episode/mass elimination last week. Gunnar Deatherage, we hardly knew ye. [WWD]
  • The Council of Fashion Designers of America welcomed 33 new members, including Prabal Gurung, Olivier Theyskens, Charlotte Ronson, Ohne Titel's Alexa Adams and Flora Gill, and Jen Kao. The CFDA's total membership is now 406. [Elle UK]
  • Theory founder and co-CEO Andrew Rosen led a consortium of investors to acquire a minority stake in Proenza Schouler on Friday. The details of the deal seem to be: Valentino Fashion Group, which acquired a 45% stake in Proenza for a reported $3.7 million in 2003, is retaining 5% of the brand. Rosen and around twenty other investors paid between $10 and $20 million, and assumed debt, in return for a stake equal to that of Proenza Schouler founders Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. Hernandez and McCollough went from owning a majority 55% to an unspecified minority stake in their company. And everyone is very happy with this arrangement, reportedly. [WWD]
  • 24-year-old Army medic Caesar Stovall is also a male model. The more you know. [On The Runway]
  • Gold prices reached a new record high — $1637.50 per ounce — on Friday, and analysts predict it could hit $2000 per ounce by the end of the year. Time to stock the fall-out shelters with more bottled water, ladies. [WWD]



Does the single bullet point devoted to Project Runway mean that the episodes aren't going to merit full posts anymore?

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