It pays to have an uncle who happens to be Vice-President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday New York prosecutors agreed to dismiss their case against Caroline Biden, niece of the second most powerful man in America, and let her sidestep jail time if she stays off the police switchboard.

Last September, Caroline was arrested after police responded to a call that she and her roommate were brawling. The New York Daily News says the two were fighting over rent money and that’s when Caroline decided to literally fight the law, too — and was taken in for assaulting a cop and refusing arrest.

The 26-year-old Biden accepted the deal this week via her two lawyers because she’s currently in an inpatient facility for her anger management issues. According to reports, Caroline is decidedly unhappy and doesn't enjoy the pressure of being related to someone so high up the political food chain. One of Caroline's friends named Paul Johnson Calderon told the Post that she's really struggling.

"She's a hot mess," he said. "She's like the Amanda Bynes, and I'm the Lindsay Lohan — but in recovery."

Caroline has a history of substance abuse and reportedly entered rehab as an undergraduate at Georgetown for alcohol and Adderall addiction. Also, the real reason for the aforementioned roommate fight? Caroline paid the rent "when she felt like it."

Image via Daily News video.