Joan Rivers Gives Xmas Gift To Stranger For Not Honking At Her

Joan Rivers, the legendary groundbreaking comedian thrice convicted of fashion police brutality, made one New Yorker's Christmas by gifting him with an ornament from her QVC collection and a hand-signed note. New York City is a weird, weird place.

According to one lucky Redditor, on his (I'm assuming the Redditor is a "he" because his username is "mrhelios," plus, you know, Reddit demographics) way home from the airport with his father on Christmas found himself stuck behind a limo stopped in the middle of a Greenwich Village street. The car's occupants were taking their sweet-ass time unloading their luggage, but rather than be all New York about it and honk like that accomplishes anything but stressing everyone out, the redditor's father (the elder Mr. Helios) waited patiently. And then,

The woman walks over to our car and asks him to roll down his window. He reluctantly does, and she says to us,

"thank you so much for not honking like a normal new yorker would, here is a christmas ornament for being so nice"

and she hands my father a red box that she was carrying. My dad thanks her, and talks to her for a minute. After she goes over to the sidewalk, he tells me

"I think that was the comedian Joan Rivers"

As proof, the Redditor included a picture of the gift — a glass snowman ornament in a red box — and the note, which begins,

Dear Friend,

I'm thrilled you share my passion for beautiful things and that one of my designs is now part of your world.


How very Ariel of her. It should also be noted that the "handwritten note" was part of the ornament's packaging, which comes with every Joan Rivers ornament ordered from the Joan Rivers collection on QVC (available for 4 easy installments of $6.21!)

Still, Rivers didn't have to do anything at all for the delayed holiday travelers, and a mass produced JOAN RIVERS brand ornament from a home shopping channel is better than a grinchy double middle finger.

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