Joan Rivers and Bristol Palin to 'Star' on Celebrity Wife Swap

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Wait, "star"? Sorry, I spelled "resort to" wrong. It is written: Joan Rivers and Bristol Palin are going to Freaky Friday life-swap on ABC. (The role of "Boris" will be played by Herman Cain.)

Receiving top billing are mother-daughter duo Joan andMelissa Rivers, who will head to Alaska to trade lives withBristol and Willow Palin, the daughters of former Gov. Sarah Palin.

During the episode, Joan and Melissa Rivers will be entrusted with Bristol's son, Tripp, who rules the Palin household, and tasked with bringing structure to the energetic 4-year-old. Meanwhile, Bristol Palin will be thrown into the Rivers' hectic world of entertainment, where she'll have to navigate their demanding schedule and fill in as executive producer of Fashion Police, as well as entertaining at formal dinner parties and caring for Melissa's 12-year-old son, Cooper.


"Katty Kibble." That's a Freaky Friday reference. I'm tired. [THR]

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"Bristol's son Tripp, who rules the Palin household..."

Ugh. People who think that it's cute that their children are demanding, poorly raised and ill-disciplined are The. Worst.

Color me fucking shocked that the Palins are apparently* these people.

* I'm willing to extend the possibility that this might just be shitty press release copy, but for reals, the Palins seem like the kind of people who think their kids being brats are hilarious/adorable.