Joan Collins Terrified Of Hollywood's Skinny Obsession

Illustration for article titled Joan Collins Terrified Of Hollywoods Skinny Obsession

She adds: "I remember slimming down for a film when I was in my 40s, [subsisting] on 850 calories a day. Anyone can do it, but why should they? Life is too short and food is too good."


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If only it were just Hollywood. After auditioning for The Taming of the Shrew in college, I lost the part of Katherina to another woman: a beautiful former model whose English was choppy at best. The director asked me what I thought of his choice of leading lady and I diplomatically offered "She seems sweet and I think she can really grow in this role" to which he responded "She's not great, but she really has the look. Your reading was definitely the best, but I really wanted someone sultry, thin, and gorgeous."

... thanks, ass.

(Incidentally, this was by far the worst production I was ever in of anything and I include a 7th grade run of Hamlet: Cha Cha Cha!)