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Jimmy Kimmel's Impressive 'Movie: The Movie 2' Reminds You That Movies Are the Worst

Don't let last night's celebration of the film industry fool you — movies are still the worst as Jimmy Kimmel was fair to point out on his post-Oscars special. That said, "Release the Tatum" is the catchphrase of our time and seeing Wolf Blitzer paired with the hashtag "#sexpocalypse" will haunt your nightmares for the rest of your life.

While we're at it, check out Jimmy's interview with Channing Tater Tot and Jamie Foxx. I don't want to spoil it for you, but they miiiiiiiight sing a song called "Channing All Over Your Tatum."


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The original Movie: The Movie trailer was HILARIOUS. This one was just trying too hard. (Except the Wolf Blitzer tweeting part cracked me up.)