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Jimmy Kimmel Proves Tween Bieber Fans Will Belieb Anything

Tweens have always been an easy target for ridicule, but after the newest edition of "Lie Witness News" — the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment where a woman on the street tricks pedestrians into going along with fake news items — I'm not so sure that's fair. For all of their gullibility, straightened hair and colorful braces, the tweens are a loyal bunch who will stand by their chosen leader regardless of what comes their way.


Take Justin Bieber, for example. If you expected his fans to turn their training bra clad backs on him for getting kicked out of indoor sky diving arenas or abandoning his pet monkey in Germany, you were dead wrong. A true belieber would support Bieber no matter what — even if he pissed on their nation's flag, parked in handicap parking spaces or kicked his own grandma.

All I'm saying is that if you ever need to fight a battle, you better hope that you can form an army of tweens. Not only will they fight until the bitter end, but they'll probably win the war for you.

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Can we stop pissing on teenage girls and their obsessions as a national pastime? A very wise man once told me that if we live in a world where teenage girls throw their loyalties wholly to Twilight, it's because that world doesn't value the voices or passion or selfhood of those very girls. It's a symptom, not just a phenomenon.