Jimmy Kimmel Made a Ken Burns-Style Version of the Miley Doc

If you wanted to watch a Miley Cyrus documentary (hi, one person) and Miley: The Movement wasn't quite cerebral enough for you, Jimmy Kimmel has your answer. Last night, the talk show host aired the trailer for Miley Cyrus, the (fake) PBS documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns.


Never has the VMAs or Bieber epidemic been given such worthy gravitas.

(But can we seriously lay off on Miley being naked all the time? Girlfriend has way bigger problems than getting nude with heavy machinery.)


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There is so much girl shaming on this site rather than celebrating badass women. Why not feature an AWESOME band like SAVAGES rather than perpetuate the pile on of desperate lady pop stars who would do anything for a buck? Who cares about this? Why not focus more on the brilliant women artists who are pushing the envelope creating something lasting?