Jimmy Fallon Signed Britney Spears Up For Tinder

Britney Spears recently became single again (BOO WHY IS LOVE DEAD) and considering what a national goddamn treasure she is, it'a about time we all stepped up and gave her a helping hand finding her next emotional train wreck.

Jimmy Fallon volunteered to go first, surprising his audience with an impeccably pants-suited Britney. Unfortunately the jokes in the "Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears" skit weren't that funny. But we did get a healthy dose of "why I am doing this shit" Britney-eyes, which is always a win. (Hey, Fallon managed to get through this sketch and only make TWO jokes about being a woman/wearing lingerie. That's progress, yeah?)


And yes, Britney is now apparently on Tinder. Fallon said they made the Tinder profile for her and gave her the login/password. The about section reads "This better work, bitch." You would definitely swipe right if you saw that. DON'T EVEN AND TRY TO LIE.

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