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Jimmy Fallon Signed Britney Spears Up For Tinder

Britney Spears recently became single again (BOO WHY IS LOVE DEAD) and considering what a national goddamn treasure she is, it'a about time we all stepped up and gave her a helping hand finding her next emotional train wreck.


Jimmy Fallon volunteered to go first, surprising his audience with an impeccably pants-suited Britney. Unfortunately the jokes in the "Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears" skit weren't that funny. But we did get a healthy dose of "why I am doing this shit" Britney-eyes, which is always a win. (Hey, Fallon managed to get through this sketch and only make TWO jokes about being a woman/wearing lingerie. That's progress, yeah?)

Illustration for article titled Jimmy Fallon Signed Britney Spears Up For Tinder

And yes, Britney is now apparently on Tinder. Fallon said they made the Tinder profile for her and gave her the login/password. The about section reads "This better work, bitch." You would definitely swipe right if you saw that. DON'T EVEN AND TRY TO LIE.

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She looks so good! She looks like she's having fun! She's promoting stuff on things (stuff = her undie line, things = late night shows)! I'm soooo excited. I'm irrationally team Brit 4 life!