Jimmy Fallon Barely Keeps It Together In Ricky Gervais 'Lip Flip' Bit

Ricky Gervais could barely keep his cackles together while participating in The Tonight Show segment "Lip Flip," which involves swapping lips with Jimmy Fallon. After Fallon says he'd like to see Gervais interview himself, the two proceed to trade loving, shady shots at each other.

During the clip, Gervais uses the opportunity to mock Fallon's hosting and proclaim that he shaves his balls. Meanwhile, Fallon makes Gervais do some voguing and act like a baby. Duh, it ends with them singing a Christmas duet.

Fallon has also done this with Tina Fey and Sofia Vergara.

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I know Brits get a lot of grief about their teeth, but is Ricky Gervais a vampire? Eek!