Jimmy Fallon And Friends Make Holiday Magic On SNL

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After leaving the Saturday Night Live cast in 2004, Jimmy Fallon made a triumphant return as host of the show last night. With help from a lot of his old SNL pals, he delivered an evening of pure fun. From the opening monologue where Jimmy choked up with genuine happiness at being back at his longtime home to the closing hugs on the ice at Rockefeller Center, the show felt more like the best possible mix of a old cast reunion and energetic new material.

One of the night's most thrilling moments was when Jimmy and Tina Fey faced off against Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers in a Weekend Update Joke-Off.


Jimmy showed off his formidable impression skills in a funny commercial for a Michael Bublé Christmas duet album.

The Today Show's Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee got an amusing visit from Jimmy Fallon's Regis Philbin.


And finally, no Jimmy Fallon SNL would be complete without a visit from Sully and Denise—who are all grown up and trying to sneak back into a high school dance.

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I seriously love Jimmy's impressions. He really is so great at them. I wish he'd do his Adam Sandler one more, but he never does it anymore! I think maybe the real Sandler said he didn't like it or something, and Jimmy is trying to be respectful.

And his Bieber...so spot on. This was a great episode, period. It's just kind of sad that SNL can't get it right with non-ex-cast hosts anymore. :o[