Jill Zarin: Housewives Is 'Toxic'

Jill Zarin opened up today about Bravo's decision to fire her from the Real Housewives of New York City cast this morning. (Zarin wasn't the only cast member to get the axe: Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, and newcomer Cindy Barshop were let go as well.) "It was a little jolting," said the now ex-Housewife to Good Morning America. "You know, nobody likes not being asked to the party."


So did Zarin ask exactly why she'd been cut from the show's roster just weeks before the cast was to begin filming? "I didn't really ask, I felt like it didn't matter. They made their decision," she said. Cindy Barshop gave a quote to GMA about how she believed she was fired because there was "too much fighting going on." Zarin agreed, saying the format and ratings of the shows encourage that kind of behavior: "I mean, watching shows in other cities... even if someone doesn't say to you 'have a fight' or whatever, you feel like you're supposed to bring it."


I'm curious as to the details of Jill's contract with Bravo. At one point I thought it was reported (or she claimed) that whether or not she's renewed for RHNYC, she's "under contract" to Bravo for some length of time (through 2014?). It seemed to imply that they can pull her out, dust her off and have her appear on any show. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if she pops up in the context of Luann, a staged reconciliation with Bethenny (on her next season, which is rumored to be the last) or Top Chef. I believe Bravo is also smart enough to pad contracts with gag orders, licensing restrictions, marketing limitations, etc. for X amount of time after your official employment ends, so maybe that's what that meant.

Anyone else have better insight?