Jian Ghomeshi's Defense Attorney Accuses Women Testifying Against Him of Perjury as Trial Concludes

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Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault trial concluded Thursday, after the defense rested without calling Ghomeshi or any other witnesses. In her closing statements, defense attorney Marie Henein accused all three witnesses of lying under oath.


Henein questioned all three women who testified against Ghomeshi about interactions they had with him after their alleged assaults. On Thursday, she argued that all three had deliberately withheld information from the prosecution and lied in their testimony. From the Guardian:

“There is not an expert who will testify that perjury is indicative of trauma,” Henein said. “What a witness cannot do is lie about their conduct and then say ‘Oh geez, that’s just how victims of trauma behave’.”


The case is being decided by Justice William B. Horkins, not a jury. Horkins said he’ll issue a verdict March 24. Ghomeshi has a second sexual assault trial scheduled for June.

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Ghomeshi and Henein leave the courthouse. Screenshot via CBC

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PSA to the fucking trolls in the comments.

-having sex with your rapist again doesn’t mean he didn’t rape you

-being nice/courteous/minimally cordial in the context of social interactions to your rapist after the rape doesn’t mean that he didn’t rape you

-literally no behavior after the assault somehow negates the fact that the assault took place.